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                           "Harness your inner potential"


Insight Psychology Canberra 'Break Free' is a specialized packaged that focuses on promoting and accentuating continued wellbeing and flourishing within your life. In our psychology sessions we will work closely together to identify specific goals, values and ideals that will optimize your experience of happiness, fulfillment and meaning in life.  Break Free enables you to build positive thinking patterns and habits that enhance your emotional wellbeing and increase your resilience to face barriers and challenges that hold you back in life.


Specifically tailored to your individual needs, Break Free uses an evidence-based Positive Psychology framework to focus on self-development, self-awareness, fulfillment and life satisfaction.  We will develop an empowering self-concept and mindset that allows you to achieve emotional and psychological wellbeing.


By nourishing your unique qualities you will enhance your potential to flourish, cultivate and achieve wellbeing, positive emotions and success in life.


The Break Free package includes:


  • 12 sessions at a 20% discount

  • Free initial consultation

  • All psychological material  

  • Priority scheduling

  • A Break Free journey pack

Break Free

Samuel Schoubye

Achieve life satisfaction

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