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The Single Session

                            "Insight is key to change"​

At Insight Psychology Canberra we know that even when things are going well, we can still face a situation or challenge that may be difficult to navigate. These situations can be overwhelming, stressful and may interfere with other, more enjoyable aspects of life.


'The Single Session’ is designed for individuals who wish to discuss a specific issue, enhance a particular thinking pattern, develop relationship skills and set goals and plans to achieve a specific outcome. This service is also useful for people who wish to discuss the resources and strategies available to best support a friend or relate suffering from a particular psychological issue.  Insight Psychology intends The Single Session to provide current and valid education that relates directly to your unique situation. 


Specifically tailored to provide information in a one-off session format, The Single Session is intended for people who do not wish/need to engage in the ongoing therapeutic process.


Themes suitable for The Single Session include:


  • Decision making skills

  • Goal setting

  • Problem solving skills

  • Stress management

  • Study skills

  • Time management

  • Work-life balance

  • Work Promotion

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